I am a graduate of Oklahoma State University where I earned a doctorate in Counseling Psychology.  I have received training and experience in community health centers, marriage and family clinics, hospitals and private practice.  I have had a career of teaching , training, and providing mental health services and psychological assessment at the University of North Texas and in private practice settings.  My career in psychology has provided me with the opportunity to work with adolescents, adults and families from many different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities.

Working in a university setting also provided the opportunity to keep current with the latest research on proven techniques to assess and treat problems that people encounter in their lives.  What is most important to me in providing counseling services is that my clients come to understand themselves and their situations better, and that they learn approaches and techniques that can bring about positive change.  My goal in counseling is always to provide a comfortable environment so that clients are best able to communicate their personal emotions and experiences, feel they are being heard, and develop strength and hope for a better future.


I grew up in San Antonio and have spent my life here in Texas and in Oklahoma. Although I enjoy the opportunities an urban setting provides, I am also drawn to rural life and have hobbies such as gardening and camping that keep me outdoors. I have always worked in careers that provide service to others, including my training as an educator during my early adult years.  I’ve found that most people describe me as an effective communicator and problem-solver who can face even the most difficult situations with calmness and clarity.