I have received my Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Regent University, Virginia. I completed my doctoral and post doctoral training in a private¬†practice setting in Virginia working with adults, teens and children. My work focused on comprehensive psychological assessments, primarily learning and developmental disorders, as well as group therapy for children with anxiety and those on the spectrum. My doctoral thesis and research was on children of incarcerated parents. I am also a published author of the book, “Out of the Shadows- An Examination of the Needs of Children of incarcerated parents” now available on Amazon. After I moved to Virginia, I worked in rehabilitation and settings with a focus on cognitive disorders (dementia) in the geriatric population. I currently also work with Veterans doing disability evaluations. My clinical experience has therefore, encompassed a wide variety of populations.
I am a Christian psychologist and my doctoral studies were obtained from a Biblical perspective. I am happy to incorporate Biblical truths into therapy, if a client is interested in it. My goal is to help you achieve wholeness while respecting your unique values, beliefs and culture. Providing culture sensitive therapy is also something I very much value and take into consideration. Being of Indian ethnic heritage, I recognize that culture plays an important part in on one may view the world around them. I am happily married and I have one precious toddler that keeps me on my toes every day!