“Dr. Riedo is wonderful. I truly feel like she has helped me in the few months that I have been seeing her. She is able to listen and empathize without coddling but also does not make rush judgements or come off as condescending. I would recommend her to anyone truly wanting to make a change in their life or even someone who needs a listening ear with a fresh perspective.” – Meaghan G. (Zocdoc.com)  

“She actually saved my life, no joke. I am so grateful for her!” –Katie B. (Zocdoc.com)

“Dr. Riedo was very professional with warm and caring concerns. I will look forward to future appointments.” – Megan M. (Zocdoc.com)

“Very patient; good listener.” – Asia C. (Zocdoc.com)

“Pat has been my therapist for about 1 year. From the very beginning her professionalism along with a warm desire to help me has been very genuine. I am very comfortable with expressing anything and addressing all questions and/or need for guidance. Thus far I am very pleased with the high level of care and commitment she has provided in helping me to overcome my issues in a guiding way. This last visit like all the rest continue to help me find answers and solutions for what I am dealing with. I could not be more satisfied.” – R.M. (Zocdoc.com)

“Pat is absolutely wonderful. She provides the guidance and support needed. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking assistance.” – J.F. (Zocdoc.com)