1. Why Psychotherapy and Other Mental Health Counseling Helps

      No doubt you’ve heard of Sigmund Freud. About 150 years ago, Freud and other men of the time started the idea of psychotherapy, the idea that a person who is suffering from certain mental disorders could be helped. When we first mentioned Freud, you might have rolled your eyes. Haven’t many of his ideas been disproven? Wasn’t he a bit hung up on sexualtiy in j…Read More

  2. What Is Biofeedback Therapy?

    When people experience mental illness or emotional distress, they may shy away from seeking psychological treatment and counseling. Psychological treatment can be stigmatized by society, but seeking help could improve your quality of life and your sense of well-being. Our psychologists and counselors at Psychology Care Associates are here to help you navigate the difficult…Read More