Dr. Elena Riedo – Clinical Director

I received my education in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southern California and Alliant International University in Los Angeles. In the Los Angeles metroplex, I completed intensive predoctoral and postdoctoral training in a variety of settings, including Los Angeles County Jail Forensic  Programs, Los Angeles County inpatient hospitals, outpatient clinics, and private practice settings. After moving to Dallas, TX, I have been providing psychological services to incarcerated men and women and  in private practice settings where I currently serve as a clinical director of Psychology Care Associates.

Through collaborative effort, and using tested and proven methods based on research rather than on the latest popularized psychological slogans, you can count on me to support your journey in revealing your authentic self, without the constraints of “should or shouldn’t be”. If you are experiencing a breakdown, remember that this could be a powerful opening for action, to get unstuck from the dis-empowering litany of “what’s wrong with me?” If you are ready to disrupt this old conversation and its residue from the past, restore integrity with your real self, and open up a new world of possibilities for true intimacy, for yourself and those around you, we are here to help.

My practice is in full compliance with the American Psychological Association’s ethical principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, as well as the laws and ethical mandates of the Texas Licensing Board of Psychology. In addition, patient privacy will be protected in accordance with the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


I was born and raised in Italy by the Dolomites Mountains.  From that background, I believe I bring a friendly, open, non-judgmental approach to therapy with the utmost respect for the importance of family values and cultural, religious and sexual orientation differences.  Although I enjoyed living and working in sunny California where I pursued undergraduate and graduate studies, I felt right at home moving to Texas where I currently practice in the towns of Roanoke and Southlake. In addition to practicing as a psychologist , I am the clinical director of Psychology Care Associates where my job is to ensure that you receive the best and most up to date clinical care.


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction -Chemical Addiction- Process Addiction such as Sex Addiction-Treatment of Partners of Sex Addicts
  • Relational Trauma
  • PTSD –  Deployment Related Trauma, Assault, Trauma resulting from assault/abuse
  • ADHD
  • EMDR Therapist
  • Career Assessments





As a trained Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, CSAT (sexhelp.com) I have completed intensive training,  supervision and continuing education in programs developed by foremost leader in addiction treatment, Dr. Patrick Carnes. Because sex addiction seldom affects only the individual seeking treatment, receiving training as a clinical partner specialist provided specialized skills to help partners and families overcome the devastating effects of relational trauma and intimate betrayal, with the goal to ultimately restore trust, intimacy and fulfillment in their future relationships.

EMDR Therapist

As part of my  commitment to provide patients the most modern and effective treatment options, I received EMDR training .  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. Repeated studies show that by using EMDR people can experience the benefits of psychotherapy that once took years to make a difference. It is widely assumed that severe emotional pain requires a long time to heal.  EMDR therapy shows that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma much as the body recovers from physical trauma.

PSI  Trained Provider

I have received certification in 16PF Personality Assessment to assist in:

  • making meaningful and well thought out career decisions
  • assist college bound students to make educational and career decisions based on concrete data
  • facilitate legally -defensible hiring and promotion decisions in business settings
  • create meaningful developmental activities for managers and employees
  • create organizational change

To learn more about how this tool could be beneficial for your personal career and/or business organizational needs,  please visit www.16pf.com.

Dr. Twila Engeman- Clinical Psychologist Trainee
Supervised by Elena Riedo, Psy.D.

I earned my PhD in Clinical Psychology from Walden University. My training principally focused on adult psychopathology, geriatrics, chemical dependency and other facets of the profession. In the past, I have worked extensively with individuals, couples and families. Throughout my career, I have cultivated a range of professional experiences that include a variety of settings, including inpatient hospitalization, private practice setting, community mental health, teaching psychology courses in college settings, and outpatient services. With regard to my earlier years, I was born and raised in rural Missouri.

I believe that I bring a friendly, non-judgmental approach to the forefront, with the utmost respect for the importance of achieving wellness. As a clinician, I create a safe space for clients to fully explore the problems and concerns that he/she is experiencing currently. My focus is on helping individuals deal with depression, anxiety, lack of coping skills, and emotions related to various life-changing events.

• Generalized Anxiety
• Social Anxiety
• Depression
• Addiction:-Chemical Addiction/Substance abuse
• Addiction related issues
• Relationship conflict
• Family dynamics
• Trauma resulting from assault/abuse
• Complicated Grief/Loss

Dr. Ateka Contractor – Clinical Psychologist

I obtained my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Toledo after completing my pre-doctoral internship at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Later, I completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Boston VA Research Institute. I am currently a licensed psychologist in the state of Texas and an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at University of North Texas.

My clinical training has primarily been within a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy framework, and I am focally trained in trauma-focused interventions (e.g., Prolonged Exposure). I have worked with clients presenting with a wide range of problems (e.g., depression, PTSD, severe psychosis, personality disorders) receiving services in inpatient, partial hospital, and outpatient psychotherapy settings. Additionally, I have worked with patients in India; the importance of understanding cultural influences in therapeutic processes has been central to my clinical work. My clinical work is influenced and influences my research as well as is evidence-based and data-driven.

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Posttraumatic stress disorder
• Adjustment issues
• Interpersonal relations
• Acculturation and adjustment to a different cultural milieu
• Substance use concerns
• Sleep problems

• Individual
• Couples/Family
• Group

Cara Guziak – Licensed Professional Counselor

I earned my Master of Science in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at the University of North Texas where I concurrently completed the requirements for my counseling degree and an additional practicum in biofeedback at the UNT Neurotherapy Lab. I provide individual counseling, couples counseling, group counseling, biofeedback, workshops, and intensives. I have completed Level 2 Clinical Training in couple counseling through the Gottman Institute along with Gottman workshops on couples in addiction recovery, complex couples, and couples dealing with trauma and affairs . I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP), and I am board-certified in neurofeedback and heart-rate variability biofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA). In addition, I have training and education in women’s emotional health, wellness, mindfulness, dream work in therapy, transpersonal experiences, and expressive arts therapy.

During my internship at a residential addiction rehabilitation treatment center and through my work in private practice, I have witnessed that clients heal best through a combination of groups, couples therapy, and one-on-one counseling, and I have seen, first-hand, the incredible benefits of biofeedback for folks healing from addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

I believe in helping my clients navigate their own path to recovery, offering support to overcome fear, trauma, betrayal, feelings of unworthiness, imagined brokenness, and perceived failures. I employ biofeedback alongside counseling to help my clients find self-regulation; demonstrating how you are in more in control of your own mental healing than you realize! Even for clients who do not choose biofeedback, my training puts me in a great position to help you understand how your brain and body are connected to what you’re experiencing and that your symptoms aren’t “all in your head.” This approach has enabled me to help a variety of clients who have had a hard time finding a treatment that works. Through my work, my greatest hope is to provide a different perspective, one without shame or stigma, and a means to help you to help yourself find peace, wholeness, and wellness in your life.

• Sex/Pornography and Love Addiction
• Partners of Sex/Pornography Addicts
• Infidelity/Affairs and Betrayal Trauma
• Heart-Rate Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
• Mind-Body Connection and Regulation (Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, PTSD)

I was born and raised in Texas, and I’ve never lived more than a 45-minute drive from where I was born in Fort Worth. I live in controlled chaos with my husband and two rambunctious cats. We like to travel and eat good food together, and we can’t seem to stop renovating our house. I was a high school English teacher for a few minutes many years ago, and while it didn’t stick, I’m still a teacher at heart. I retain a love of language, words, lyrics/poetry, and a focus on how the words we use impact communication and relationships (both with ourselves and others) that pours into my counseling work. I also used to think I might teach art, and while I talked myself out of it, I still love to create art whenever I have the chance.

Linda Campbell – Licensed Professional Counselor

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, and Registered Nurse. I received my MS Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lubbock Christian University. I completed my professional clinical training through Santé Center for Healing. My clinical work focused on addictions, chemical dependency/substance abuse, problematic sexual behaviors, professionals’ issues, dual diagnosis disorders, impulse control, family systems, and attachment issues. I received my Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation and participated in the Study Abroad Program in Northern Ireland, hosted by Corymeela through Abilene Christian University’s Graduate Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program. I received my BSN degree through Texas Tech University HSC-SON and ADN degree through Tarrant County College. Prior to joining Psychology Care Associates, I provided individual and group counseling services for Valley Hope of Grapevine Outpatient Facility.

My professional background includes working in the residential, outpatient treatment, and hospital settings. I work with clients dealing with addictions, chemical dependency/substance abuse, anxiety, chronic pain, co-dependency, depression, grief, guilt and shame, identity issues, life span/life transition issues, family and relational conflicts, spiritual conflict, stress, trauma, PTSD and workplace issues. I provide outpatient individual and group counseling services for Pilots enrolled in the outpatient continuing care program and including those enrolled in the HIMS program. I provide continued monitoring services and reporting needs for pilots, flight attendants, aviation mechanic and others who were admitted into treatment as stipulated by EAP Case Managers or community parole officers. I have experience in collaborating with EAP case managers and aviation medical examiners (AMEs) to secure the client’s continuity of care, assure that all requirements imposed by the respective professional’s licenses/certifications or employer’s stipulations are met (in respect to progress in treatment, maintaining flight or work privileges and discharge planning). My experience also includes working with professionals from the business, construction project management, medical, and military backgrounds. I also offer conflict resolution and mediation services, including helping couples going through divorce to resolve their disputes, establish co-parenting arrangements, and assist family members in the process of normalizing their lives, post-divorce.

My motto is “Life is a journey,” meaning our life experiences can be forever changing no matter how hard we may try to control them. We may experience periods in our lives that run smoothly, that bring us gifts and cherished moments. Other times, we may experience obstacles and setbacks, depending on the decisions we make and what life throws at us along the way. I believe each person is unique in how they respond to internal and external stimuli and stressors. I believe there is value in taking time to be fully present and appreciate positive moments in our lives. I also view that during times when we may feel defeated, it does not mean that we are unable to change the outcome or quality of life in the future. I desire help my clients identify their strengths, talents, skills and resources that will help navigate through life when it becomes dark, challenging, and/or confusing.

I believe in viewing and treating my clients as human beings first and not a diagnosis. Personally, I do not like it when clients define themselves by the issues that brought them into treatment, such as being an addict or alcoholic. One of my primary goals is to get clients to understand that their past mistakes do not define who they are. My objective is to provide them with dignity, respect, and empowerment. I like to treat the overall client’s needs collaboratively throughout the therapeutic process. I strive to create and maintain a safe individual and group therapeutic environment that is both supportive and compassionately confrontational, with an emphasis on issues concerning adjustment to lifestyle changes, recovery related processes, and addressing underlying core issues. My primary goal is to provide personable and consistent quality of care to all my clients, whether they seek counseling on a short-term or long-term basis.

Therapeutic models and techniques that I typically implement into my practice include: 12-Step Recovery Principles, Person-Centered, Humanistic, Holistic Wellness, Existential, EFT, CBT, CPT, Guided Imagery, Mindfulness, REBT, SFT, DBT, Trauma Work, Family Systems, and Attachment Theory-based therapies.

Client Focus: Client Focus-Teenagers (17 to 19), Adults and Elders (65+)
Modality: Individual, Couples, and Groups

• Aviation, Business Professionals, Medical and other Licensed Professionals
• Law Enforcement, First Respondents, active/retired Military and their loved ones
• Gay/Lesbians and those who struggle with identity issues

I continue to keep my nursing license and continuing education up to date. I view that my nursing knowledge complements and enhances my holistic approach to counseling services that I provide to my clients.


My hobbies include traveling, camping, cooking, grilling, spending time with family, going to the ballet, museum, theatre, and attending arts and music festivals.

Cathy DiFazio – Certified Educational Diagnostician

I am a Certified Educational Diagnostician with a combined 22 years of experience in public and private education. Teaching is a passion, and I have had the privilege to work with students from the ages of three to young adults in college. My professional experiences and certifications include early childhood special education, special education, general education, English as a second language, gifted and talented, and diagnosing learning disabilities. Throughout my experiences as an educator (and human being!), I have learned that the patchwork of how we are created is an intricate part of a beautiful journey called life. Not always an easy journey; however, our experiences allow us opportunities to grow, and with that, we have the ability to persevere. I love having the chance to coach a student to those “ah-ha!” moments! As a diagnostician, I’ve had the fortune to teach others about how their brain processes information and the academic issues that are intrinsic when a learning disability exists. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and it has been my pleasure to help struggling students understand that the way they learn is a key part of persevering through the education process.


I am a lifelong learner who began a career in radio broadcasting with a communications degree from the university of Maryland, changed courses early on, began teaching and then received my masters of education at Tarleton state university. I grew up on Long Island, then moved to Maryland, and finally here to Texas in the 90’s. I am a fan of beach sunrises, hot cups of deep, dark roasted coffee, campfires, cooking and laughter. I am recently married and together we have four children; two boys and two girls. All the kids are currently in college and we are navigating the empty nest syndrome. I am an optimistic extrovert who has come to appreciate the fact that quiet and solitude, with a good book or a journal are welcome breaks from the busy world.